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History of the Company 2000~

Launched “Roots”, a brand product released jointly with JT.

Released “Region specific Drip on”.


ISO 14001 certification acquired for the company as a whole.

Acquired JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) certification for organic produce and processed products.


Completed headquarters.

Hirokazu Shibata, Honorary Chairman, received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Ray with Rosette.

Yutaka Shibata was appointed as president and representative director.

Released “Drip on large size”.


Introduced a new logistic system in all KEY COFFEE business establishments.


Kyoei Corporation became subsidiary.


Key Coffee Service Co., Ltd. became Key Coffee Communications Inc.

Key Shokai Co., Ltd. became Key Associates Co., Ltd.

Nic Foods Industrial Co., Ltd. became subsidiary (presently Nic Foods Co., Ltd.).

Released “Liquid coffee tetraprisma” 1000ml .

Released “VP designated plantation coffee” 250g.


Released “Drip on variety packs” (10P).

Italian Tomato Co., Ltd. became subsidiary.

Released the product, Aroma Flash, which seals in the aroma of freshly ground beans.


Opened the first KEY’S CAFÉ.

Released “YOKOHAMA CLASSIC” to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the company’s founding.

Acquired a part of businesses of Crystal Coffee Co., Ltd.


Started to sell illycaffè’s espresso system, Iperespresso, in Japan.


Four factories nationwide acquired FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification 22000).

ALMOND CO., LTD. became a subsidiary.


Capital and business alliance was established with GINZA RENOIR Co., Ltd.


honu KATO COFFEE Inc. became a subsidiary.

Released the innovative extraction device called KEY Crystal Dripper.


Started to sell illycaffè’s coffee products in Japan.


Keiji Ohta, Former President, received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette.

Started joint research with World Coffee Research, which is worldwide coffee researchinstitute.


Started the IMLVT project (International Multi Location VarietyTrial), aiming to produce a sustainable coffee in Padamaran plantation.

Released “Noi” series, a lineup of tools for easily brewing coffee at home.

Started to sell tea brand, Lipton in Japan home market.

Developed “KEY COLD CREMA DISPENSER”, a system that easily allowed to brew a creamy and smooth ice coffee, called “COLD CREMA”.

Developed the “QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM”, which is a new item tool for visualizing the brewing technique of professionals .


Opened “Craft Share Roastery Jomae-ya COFFEE”, a coffee shop with “self-roasting”.

Developed Key Post-Harvest Processing, the world’s first technique of careful selection, which brought out after-ripening by maturing coffee cherries in freezing temperature.

Released “Coffee bag MAINICHI CAFÉ” right inside a hot coffee made by dropping the bag inside a thermos bottle.


Released “SINCE” series.