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Professional-use Product Series

We offer quality that responds to various requests of culinary professionals and cast their ideals into shape. KEY COFFEE’s Professional-use Product Series was born to provide these essences. Focusing around coffee, we have a wide range of cooking ingredients.

Toarco Toraja

Toarco Toraja

Toarco Toraja was developed through the regional integration business with locals. Each coffee bean is carefully chosen under the strict cultivation management and quality management. Enjoy a cup of coffee offering rich aroma.

Single Origin/Blended

Single Origin/Blended

Our coffee from all over the world has unique characteristics.
Our coffee matches the needs of every coffee shop and restaurant.

The Estate

The Estate

With the abundant use of whole leaves (uncut tea leaves), The Estate offers a line-up that values the natural aroma and flavor of tea.

Desserts Brand 'Sucreange' Series

Desserts Brand “Sucreange” Series

Offering meticulously selected series, KEY COFFEE recommends a collection of desserts that goes well with coffee.

Foods Brand 'Prosine' Series

Foods Brand “Prosine” Series

The abundant variations of the series provide support to culinary professionals. This series offer palatable products that are competitive with specialty stores.

Pasta Brand 'GRANSAPORE' Series

Pasta Brand “GRANSAPORE” Series

A wider range of Pasta menu.
100% Semolina Durum Pasta for professionals.