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The Key Of Success

KEY COFFEE understands coffee.
We make the best use of our knowledge to create superior products.
But of course the key is always to use the best quality beans.

The quality of its regular coffees is a good measure of the excellence of a coffee manufacturer’s standards. At KEY COFFEE, we handle only selected beans from the best plantations around the world, including our directly operated Toarco Toraja plantation. We then roast and process them with care to fully develop their flavor. So what this quality may be enjoyed in the home, we offer a complete line-up of products for family use, including the Live Pack Series, for which we use the choicest beans, and the VP (Vacuum Pack) Series, developed to keep the aroma and flavor of fleshly roasted, freshly ground coffee.
We offer not only pure origin coffees, each with its own distinctive aroma and flavor, but also blended coffees that subtly combine the individuality of the types of fresh beans and develop their flavor to the full.
KEY COFFEE will continue to offer only the best quality regular coffees to suit your discriminating taste. KEY COFFEE – the quality you can trust.


Regular coffees are today enjoyed in many different situations. People like to have an easy-to-make but tasty cup of regular coffee in the home, out of doors, and in the coffee. KEY COFFEE feels responsibility for the development of the coffee culture, and never compromises when it comes to delivering the best quality and taste that our customers need.
One of the culminations of our efforts has been Drip On. Drip On is an easy extraction regular coffee product that uses a dual-stage extraction method combining the drip method with percolation. This produces a rich, clean flavor free of unwanted tastes. In addition, for customers who want to enjoy real iced coffee whenever it’s convenient, We have created a cold water extraction coffee bag that allows you to enjoy real iced coffee just by adding water.
“We want to offer real taste even with easy-to-use products.” This is KEY COFFEE’s policy, and one that we stick to simply because we love coffee, too.


KEY COFFEE’s Institutional Products Series provides a full line-up of quality coffee products to satisfy all the requirements of the professional. Our institutional products bring the rich taste of coffee to the most discriminating customers of restaurants and coffee shops. We are pioneering new fields and further expanding the coffee scene by developing products designed for the myriad environments in which customers might be expected to have coffee, and by developing specialized extraction equipment that brews tasty coffee and will help to bring our major clients further success in their businesses.
KEY COFFEE sales also include supplying coffee to the packers of canned coffee drinks and other products. In this field, our production technology, research and development, and quality control are highly regarded.


KEY COFFEE continues endeavors to redevelop the attractions of coffee and challenges development of other food and beverage products. The range in width, including products from sugar, milk, juice, tea and other beverages, to curry, meat sauce and even pasta, salad dressing and other culinary products. Whether it be for general home use or food service, the goal has always been to contribute to the creation and development of a more affluent food culture by developing and providing tastier and higher quality products.