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Message from the President

Yutaka Shibata President

Yutaka Shibata

Passion to the world, Emotion to the future

Since our corporate founding in 1920, KEY COFFEE’s corporate philosophy has been to “pursue the ultimate in coffee, focus on our customers, and create a coffee culture which enriches the heart”. As one of Japan’s leading coffee companies, we strive to maintain the highest in global standards and delicious flavors responsive to current needs while expanding coffee’s potential.

It is with a sense of gratitude that we anticipate the 100th anniversary of our corporate founding in August 2020. Achievement of this milestone reflects the support we have received over the years, for which we extend our heartfelt appreciation.

At the time of our founding, coffee was not yet a familiar household item, but rather an object of some yearning. We strove to enable a society in which every home could share the joy of coffee, driving our passion in every facet of the coffee world, from bean and plantation selection to blending, roasting, distribution, development and education, as we joined our many partners (at times transcending borders) to continue creating new values with and for coffee.

As long years turned into a century and coffee found a comfortable home in Japan, our mission became one of preserving that presence and sharing our inspiration abroad, continuing our quest for the ultimate cup of coffee.

Our efforts and achievements include participating in an initiative to discover new climate-resistant varieties and developing a global-first selection technology to enhance the intrinsic quality of coffee beans. As Japan’s leading comprehensive coffee manufacturer, we must help ensure coffee’s evolution on the global stage.

Our journey to create a world in which everyone may enjoy and be inspired by coffee continues, as we keep a “Coffee named Passion” close to our hearts.