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History of the Company

2000~ 1980~1999 1950~1979 1920~1949
2017 Started to sell tea brand, Lipton in Japan home market.
2016 Keiji Ohta, Former President, received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette.
2015 Started to sell illycaffè’s coffee products in Japan.
2014 honu KATO COFFEE Inc. became a subsidiary.
Released the innovative extraction device called KEY Crystal Dripper.
2013 Capital and business alliance was established with GINZA RENOIR Co., Ltd.
2012 Four factories nationwide acquired FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification 22000). ALMOND CO., LTD. became a subsidiary.
2011 Started to sell illycaffè’s espresso system, Iperespresso, in Japan.
2010 Acquired a part of businesses of Crystal Coffee Co., Ltd.
2008 Released the product, Aroma Flash, which seals in the aroma of freshly ground beans. Released Hyo-On Jukusei Coffee.
2007 Completed the renovation of all factories.
2005 Key Coffee Service Co., Ltd. became Key Coffee Communications Inc.
Key Shokai Co., Ltd. became Key Associates Co., Ltd.
Nic Foods Industrial Co., Ltd. became subsidiary (presently Nic Foods Co., Ltd.).
Italian Tomato Co., Ltd. became subsidiary.
2004 Merged with Aomori Key Coffee Co., Ltd.
Kyoei Corporation became subsidiary.
2003 Introduced a new logistic system in all KEY COFFEE business establishments.
2002 Completed headquarters.
Hirokazu Shibata, Honorary Chairman, received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Ray with Rosette.
2001 ISO 14001 certification acquired for the company as a whole.
Acquired JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) certification for organic produce and processed products.
2000 Launched “Roots”, a brand product released jointly with JT.
1980 to 1999
1999 The Manufacturing Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu and Kyushu Factories have acquired ISO 14001 certification.
1997 Listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Released new DRIP ON series, a newly developed D.S.extraction system.
1996 Listed on the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Established Taiwan Key Coffee Inc.
1994 Listed of KEY COFFEE shares on OTC market.
1993 Completed Chubu Factory.
1992 Marketing a lineup of vacuum packed (VP) products with resource-saving packaging.
1990 Established “KEY COFFEE LACS 70” Memorial Foundation.
Hirokazu Shibata, President, received the Medal with Blue Ribbon.
1989 Changed the name of KEY COFFEE INC.
1988 Merged with Osaka Key Coffee Co., Ltd.
Established Key Coffee Welfare Annuity Fund.
1986 Completed Tohoku Factory.
1985 Opened new Research Laboratory.
1983 Introduced Live Pack to offer distinguished quality maintenance.
1982 Completed Kyushu Factory.
1950 to 1979
1978 Released Toarco Toraja the “coffee of dream.”
Completed Kanto Factory.
1976 Established P.T. TOARCO JAYA, Indonesia.
1974 Established Sulawesi Development Co., Ltd.
1971 Established Aomori Key Coffee Co., Ltd.
Established Okinawa Key Coffee Co., Ltd.
1970 Completed Nagoya Factory.
1964 Completed Tsunashima Factory, the industry’s first automated operation as the pioneer of modern coffee roasting.
1959 Released Key Modern Pack (vacuum pack).
1953 Established Osaka Key Coffee Co., Ltd.
1952 Incorporated and named Key Coffee Co., Ltd. to deal with roasting and canning of coffee and sale of foodstuffs.
1920 to 1949
1946 Moved Head Office from Yokohama to Tokyo (former Tokyo Office).
1939 Established Tricolore Co., Ltd.
1931 Completed Osaka Factory, and started production of soft drinks.
1928 Completed Yokohama Factory, and started production of canned coffee, cocoa and tea, coffee syrup and soft drinks.
1924 Opened Tokyo Office at 2-4, Atagoshita-machi, Shiba-ku, Tokyo.
1920 Established and started business at Fukutomi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama.