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Message from the President

Yutaka Shibata President

Yutaka Shibata

Wishing for our “passion for a cup of coffee” will become the customers’ “passion for life.”

Since the day of establishment in 1920, KEY COFFEE has pursued the best quality and flavor demanded of the century according to the philosophy “quality first” as one of the leading companies in the coffee business in Japan. In August 2010, we celebrated our 90th anniversary. As the company that has prospered for two centuries, it is our mission to become a passionate seeker as a coffee manufacturer in the further pursuit of coffee that creates a bond among people and gives happiness on various occasions. We will continue to strive for the abundant possibilities of coffee with an undivided aim toward the customers’constantly changing “flavors sought by the times.”

By pursuing coffee and taking an enthusiastic attitude toward customers,we can create the culture of coffee that enriches people’s minds. A cup of coffee crafted with our passion raises the passion of those who drink the coffee. Our aim is to passionately and sincerely deliver the best flavor to customers.

Those are the missions of the KEY COFFEE Group. As a coffee expert, we strive to become “the most reliable company for coffee” exceeding the expectations of customers. We will further continue to be remembered as the first brand if people hear the word “coffee” and the customers’choice. Based on the philosophy “Coffee named Passion,” each of us at KEY COFFEE devotes ourselves in a steady and strong manner.