TOARCO TORAJA based with a rich aroma and an elegant, soft sweetness, creating a refined taste.
Our gourmet coffee uses carefully selected green coffee beans.

    TORAJA BLEND200g (ground coffee)

    Ground coffee that
    The freshly ground aroma is sealed in the package.

    TORAJA BLEND200g (beans)

    Our original valve packaging method removes oxygen as well as carbonic acid gas naturally released from roasted coffee beans.


TOARCO TORAJA maintains its high quality.
A rich flavor with a smooth, full-bodied aroma and an elegant acidity that is the speciality of being grown in the highlands.

    TOARCO TORAJA90g (ground coffee)

    Brand new,
    freshly ground coffee with a rich aroma.

    "Our goal is to provide freshly ground coffee aroma to our customers." KEY COFFEE has achieved this goal by becoming a specialised manufacturer of coffee with the creation of AROMA FLASH.

    TOARCO TORAJA 8g×5bags

    now on sale also as Drip On.

    It has a rich aroma with a citrus-like acidity as well as a full-body flavor and sweetness after the first sip. We will bring its fresh aroma to our customers with our special aroma-sealing packaging method.

  • TOARCO TORAJA200g (beans)

  • TOARCO TORAJA100g (ground coffee)

Voices from TOARCO TORAJA Lovers

  • Its acidity and bitterness is vibrant,
    and yet the aftertaste is lightly refreshing.

    I came across TOARCO TORAJA 2 years ago. It is a great value for its price, so I usually recommend it to my coffee-loving friends. It is the kind of coffee that you would like to drink while spending time relaxing or reading your favorite book.

    30s, Men

  • A rich aroma with a full-body taste,
    that it is so smooth and easy to drink.

    Its sweetness and acidity is balanced and mild, making it easy to drink.
    It smells so good and has a full-body flavor.

    20s, Women

  • A cup of coffee with a rich sweetness.
    You will feel satisfied.

    A high-grade coffee that I stumbled across 10 years ago.
    I enjoy its rich, sweet, and satisfying flavor.

    30s, Women

  • Its flavor has depth.
    The acidity and richness is balanced perfectly.

    I thought TOARCO TORAJA was too expensive.
    But once I tried it, I was surprised by the perfect balance of acidity and rich flavor. It is a perfect coffee for coffee lovers.

    40s, Women

  • I recommend TOARCO TORAJA
    when you want to try gourmet coffee.

    It is the kind of coffee that you would have at a genuine coffee shop.
    It has a vibrant acidity and the aftertaste is enjoyable. I recommend it when you want to try gourmet coffee.

    20s, Men

  • Not only does it have a great aroma,
    it also has a deep flavor.

    I was surprised because it was so different from what I had usually drank.
    Not only does it have a great aroma, but it also has a deep flavor. The next time when I have my friends over, I would love to surprise them with this hand-dripped coffee.

    40s, Men

TOARCO TORAJA, A Highly Regarded Coffee Around the World.
Received International Taste Institute's Award.

International Taste Institute is based in Belgium. It is the world's leading organization dedicated to testing and promoting superior food and drink products.
TOARCO TORAJA received The Superior Taste Award. It has been highly evaluated by the world's top chefs and sommeliers.
TOARCO TORAJA has been loved by many coffee fans for many years.
It has been proved that TOARCO TORAJA is universally appreciated.