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The Key Of Coffee

Delicious Coffee For The Future — KEY

Today, coffee has grown to become a widely preferred daily beverage that adds flavor to life. However, we find that changes in lifestyles and consumer awareness have diversified values. As a result, it’s also a fact that coffee is losing its allure in terms of meaning and value that celebrates “coffee culture”. But, cultural flavor is an important part of coffee. To ensure that the coming generation continues to enjoy the allures of today, KEY COFFEE strives to create the “key” to such coffee culture.

An Open Mind To New Ideas

Customers today demand quality and services, as well as a positive corporate attitude. This is why Key Coffee endeavors to raise the baron global standards going public from by being listed in the Second to First Section of TSE. With the ultimate corporate goal focused on remaining a “high quality enterprise” Key Coffee strives to develop creative coffee values through the customer’s perspective, while maintaining an open and flexible corporate mind, backed by the mission to provide ” the quality in demand by the next generation”.

Brand New Quality, Freshness And Enviroumental Friendness

Anticipating an era of environmental awareness standing shoulder to shoulder with quality and freshness as essential value standards, KEY COFFEE initiared a number of progressive measures early on. These improvements, such as establishing a production system cutting waste generation to a minimum, were due to a concentrated effort by all of KEY COFFEE to get ISO14001 certification. With this certification, in 2001, all production and marketing departments acquired ISO9001 certification (the 2000 version). That’s why people expect quality, fresh and environmentally friendly products.