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The Key Of Coffee Culture

KEY COFFEE, with its well known key logo, has made the taste of coffee.
With all challenges focused toward creating a new coffee culture,
the results are gradually, but widely and deeply spreading among people to enjoy.
Coffee School
Coffee School

It’s important to have knowledge and to follow the correct procedures to prepare delicious coffee. At the Coffee School, students get to understand coffee and all of the practical steps that need to be followed to appreciate the products of KEY COFFEE. The Coffee School has a long history with a great number of students graduating to become professionals. The school also provides an opportunity for coffee lovers to get together and promote friendship. In addition, the school provides practical assistance to people thinking of opening a coffee shop by developing and suggesting menus.

Customer Service Room
Customer Service Room

The Customer Service is a place where customers get to know with KEY COFFEE better. It’s a place where we listen to your requests and advice, and provide information on our activities. Our magazine “KEY STYLE” is produced for coffee shops and “Coffee Fan” is published for consumers: both provide a forum for information exchanges. With the aim of developing closer relations between KEY COFFEE and our customers, we keep our company as open as possible to customers through various communication activities centered around the Customer Service.

PR activities
PR activities

At KEY COFFEE, we also engage in promotional activities and offer suggestions for enhancing the quality of life through coffee. Our popular messages vividly express the rich taste of coffee and images of times to remember. Through this communication we reach into people’s hearts and explain how quality and freshness are the most important elements of coffee. And in doing so, we are creating a new coffee culture. We also offer new lifestyles proposals featuring the unique attributes of KEY COFFEE.

Directly operated tasty coffee shops
Directly operated
tasty coffee shops

KEY COFFEE directry operates pilot coffee shops with the goal of getting more people to enjoy truly tasty coffee. Our aim is not only to provide good coffee — that is a must — but also to share the fun and joy possible over a cup of coffee. Classe di Milano recreates the original aroma of Italian Espresso. And EXQ. is a cafe that specializes in hand drip coffee, serving single cups of “real coffee” brewed using the flannel drip method as well as selling fresh coffee beans which are kept in the showcase at a stable temperature. In brief, all two shops make every effort to reflect customer feedback with the goal of serving coffee fans around Japan.